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forex vietnam forex vietnam vẫn chÆ°a cĂ³ mặt trong diá»…n Ä‘Ă n
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5 Facts You Have to Know on Online Trading

Online currency trading comprises of the largest market in the world. The popularity of this market with investors and traders rose sharply since the 1970's when it became more accessible to the retail trader in the Forex market. Forex market and online trading that go hand in hand. Even though 80% of the traders fail in garnering profits this remains the largest market due to several reasons. The 5 major factors that a trader who aspires to be a successful trader in the online trading Forex market should know are:
Tracking major currencies: In the Forex market there are only around five to seven major currencies that a trader has to keep track of. This is entirely different to the scenario in the Stock market where there can be thousands of shares and companies that have to be tracked. Hence, the Forex market presents a much easier and simpler way to trade currencies for profit.
Making profits: In the Forex market profits are made not only when currencies are appreciating but also when they are depreciating. In addition to this traders also have the ability to trade with leverage. The leverage in the Forex market is much higher than any other market and can be as much or more than 200:1 in most cases. This allows traders with even minimal funds to make handsome profits when they are right. One drawback here is that the losses are also escalated according to leverage.
Trading hours: Ability to trade 24 hours a day from Monday morning to Saturday afternoon is certainly a boon to the trader. This is possible due to the fact that there are different time zones in the world opening and closing with overlapping time slots that allow traders to enter and exit the market at will. A trader is able to trade from anywhere in the world at the London, New York, Tokyo or Sydney sessions at any time.
Filling orders: This can be done any time when a trader enters the market due to its high liquidity. There are traders willing to do business with you regardless of the time and thus orders can be filled with relative ease and no delay. This is mainly due to the sheer size of the market and the way it operates.

Help and support: This is available to all traders in the Forex market through their Forex brokers or other online sources. Traders can use demo accounts to practice with virtual currency and there are many tutorials that can be used to educate themselves on the art of trading currency online. Expert help is also provided by many Forex brokers.

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moonperry moonperry vẫn chÆ°a cĂ³ mặt trong diá»…n Ä‘Ă n
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Thank for sharing.
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5 facts you have to know on online trading

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